Hi there!

Welcome to What you AUT to Know. My name is Mallory, and I am the creator of this little space. I am a middle school mod/severe special education teacher and a BCBA student. I work on the board of a non-profit organization that provides adults with disabilities with employment-based opportunities at a greenhouse nursery called Giving Hope Gardens. I have a little bit of knowledge, a bunch of passion, and a whole lot of opinions (I may have been told I’m just a little bit opinionated once or twice…so why not put it to good use?). Most importantly, I’m the older sister to someone with Autism. My sister, Jordyn, is the reason I’m here and why I will never stop shouting the worth of people with disabilities. My hope for this space is to discuss my perspective on different disability topics as both a sister and a teacher, to share resources, and to simply share my passion with others. If you’re here, this means you’re putting in the effort to learn and work towards inclusion, which is the whole reason I’m here. So, thank you for that! I hope you find information here that you take into your daily life and make life a little brighter for everyone around you.

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