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Big Sisters with Big Jobs

I’m a big sister with a big job. And some of you are too. I’ve always said that once I’m a grown up with a ph.D. and a big girl job that I’m going to do research on the siblings of people with disabilities. I’ve always wondered what we all end up doing. What everyone’s…

Acceptance Over Awareness

I am not a person with Autism. But, I know and love a lot of people who are. There are many many blogs and social media accounts run by people who are actually Autistic (follow #actuallyautistic on Instagram), and my goal with this post is to simply relay the information that I have learned from…

Follow Me to My Table

This picture popped up in my Memories on Facebook today, and I decided it was time. With prom season here in full swing, this has been growing in my mind lately, nagging almost. Like it just won’t go away until I share my thoughts with someone else…or everyone else. Every time it wandered its way…

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